Saturday, November 21, 2015

Half Marathon #2 Might Happen in Two Weeks!

Since the last half I ran in 2010, I've wanted to run another one. The training for that one was tough, but I didn't run into any major roadblocks. Over the past five years, however, I've had a knee problem, an IT band problem, a back problem (holy cow!), and a last-minute "stomach bug," that knocked me out for an entire week leading up to the race. The stomach bug year was also a knee issue year, but I had been doing [expensive] PT and was planning to run as much as I could and walk the rest. I lost my race entry fee because I got sick on *the day* of the refund deadline, and had no idea it would be so bad.

Needless to say, the 13 miles I ran today were pretty sweet -- albiet really hard, b/c I decided to eat a quick slice of pizza as I was getting ready (never again). It was the last training run before two weeks of taper, and I did it!!!!!! I feel like I just did something much more monumental than running for two-ish hours.  But I'm too excited not to blog about it. How lame did that just sound?

Anyway, yessssss!!! Rock 'n Roll San Antonio, here I come!

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