Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The [Shoe] Decision, 2014

No big unveil here. I ordered another round of shoes to try on, including the $200 Skora shoes with goatskin uppers, and thankfully did *not* fall head over heels in love with those. I did, however, really like the Skora Fit!

I'm not crazy wild about the colorway (yah, thanks to Mr. 72-Pairs-of-Air-Jordans that I married, I know that shoes have colorways) -- but they meet all my requirements! The 'cush' is even removable if I want to build my foot strength for shorter runs & track workouts (which I should do a LOT more of). The arch support is minimal, but there. There's a tiny bit more motion control than my NB Minimus. The toe box is sufficient. And the fit is, well, that's why they're called Fit. Other reviewers have said they feel like house shoes, and they're right. It's almost unsettling how comfy these shoes are. It's hard to explain. But I like them, and I'm keeping them. So there ya go.

This is Part II of a probably 3-part, spread out rambly conversation about shoes.
Part I: The Quest
Part III: A Review Thingy (we'll see)

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