Thursday, January 2, 2014

Name That First World Problem

Right now I'm experiencing some serious first-world dilemmas. See how many you can find in the description of my current situation.

I'm trying not to drink the prosecco cocktail that's sitting here staring me in the face, because I haven't had any food in a while (since those almonds I snacked on this afternoon) and the first few sips went right to my head. Hubs had to go to the store (for the second time today. Oops!) to get a non-awful avocado for the portabello burgers (that we're eating because we, as a couple and a society, eat too much meat). The avocado we just cut open was bad, and I just can't bare to an avocado-less (marinated, grilled) mushroom on a ciabatta roll.

Rough, right?

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