Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Smartwatches: Females are Important!

I just read a side-by-side comparison of two so-called "smartwatches." I want one of these because I miss almost every phonecall and text I ever get, and don't see this until much later. Why?

1) As a female, most of the time my phone is in my purse, so I never hear it ring (or feel it vibrate). Unless I'm at work, but then I'm working, and no one calls me (thanks!).
2) If I'm at home, my phone is nowhere near me, so I never hear it ring. I especially never hear my text message noise. "Just make it obnoxiously loud," you say? No thanks. And I'm sure everyone who ever leaves their house will also agree with me.

What struck me about this smartwatch side-by-side, was the picture with the sizes of the watches. The *smaller* of the two is 51mm tall! I have abnormally small wrists, I realize, but I seriously doubt that most females are going to be down with "watches" this big.

Just for an idea of how much too big these things are going to be, here's my wrist with my iPod nano (6G) on a watch band. My nano is 37.5 mm tall. 

And for kicks, here's how I get this watchband to work without hacking off half of it.

I thought that tech companies had keyed in on the fact that females are an enormous market? I thought that all the studies (like this one) done about how we females are using and/or purchasing most of the new tech would have some effect on new tech. It seems not.

So, smartwatch makers -- please please please make something a little smaller?

And don't give me that "people want a bigger screen" BS. You're all geniuses, right? You can figure something out.

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