Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Renegade Craft Fair, Spring 2013

This past weekend, Chris and Citygram set up at the Renegade Craft Fair. I helped, and ended up staying all day Saturday to keep him company (and also sport my new awesome Citygram t-shirt!). Of course I did a little shopping, and collected business cards from people I wish I could buy things from. My plan was to 'like' them on Facebook, and one day when I have unlimited cash flow, go crazy with the cheese whiz.  Also, in +1'ing them now, they'll still be around when I want their stuff right? Also, in the spirit of Citygram, let's buy some local!

In order of business card placement (which was mostly influenced by aesthetics, and not favor)...

Sloan + Tommy
These guys were right next to Citygram, and were the first thing I saw. I had loved the soft look and feel of their pieces. They were modern without being harsh. And super affordable. It was hard to look at them all day and not buy one. Willpower! Budgeting!

They were also very nice and we had lots of fun chatting with them. Hopefully we'll see them again, as they do live in ATX.

Bonus: What makes them all the more cool (and which I didn't find out until today), is that their company name is after their dogs, and they donate some of their profits to animal charities. Aaaawww! If I'd know this at the time, my willpower may have faltered.

Jacq Jones
Chelsea Jones is a local jewelry maker. I loved her simple pieces. Some hammered silver, and some even small enough for me to wear. I was blessed with fingers and wrists small enough to be snapped by a strong wind, so whenever I find small jewelry, I take note.

It also turns out that Chelsea was blogged about by Tolly Moseley, who writes for Citygram!

The Medium Control
It's companies like this that make it almost acceptable for my wardrobe to consist entirely of jeans and t-shirts. They would be on the more upscale end of my spectrum -- brought out on occasions where I needed to appear fun, yet intelligent!

They had a samurai cat print that made me lol every time I walked by. I know I had seen their Watson the Cat line before.

They're actually from MN, but, they're local somewhere, right?

Topiary Designs
Looking up Jennifer's Etsy shop made my heart flutter just now. She cuts out bits of laces, paints them, starches, and then seals them -- to make gorgeous jewelry. I'm in love.

Petite Pensieri
Okay, I know...why did I stop by a baby booth? Before your mind explodes -- it's b/c I'm planning a baby shower for my dear friend Danilee in a few weeks, and I just couldn't resist. They had a boatload of cute stuff, especially onesies printed with the phrase, "As you wish," that sucked me right in. They offer a genius kit for decorating a shower consisting of a few onesies, skirts/shorts, and burp cloths.  Little clothespins and a clothesline included. AND they'll work with you on a color scheme and (given a few weeks) make you what you want from their fabric stores. Sweetness! I loved them.

Whew! Back to jewelry land! Not too long ago I saw a cool website that let you send them your signature and they'd make a necklace for you. Cool, except that I personally have silly handwriting. These guys can make me one that doesn't look like the signature of a kid who's just learning cursive. They even offer a pretty custom monogram that I really like.

Special mention:
Son of a Sailor
I didn't grab one of their business cards b/c Chris has already written them up, and I already own a piece of their jewelry. For more about Billy and Jessica, check out the inaugural issue of, what else? Citygram!

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