Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goodbye, Old Google Account

Remember back in 2004, when Google started giving out e-mail accounts? It was invite-only, and all my friends were scrambling to get an e-mail address secured ASAP.  I logged into my little Compaq laptop and snagged my first.lastname@gmail.com. It was sooo cooool to be one of the first with a gmail address.

Then I got married and changed my last name. Also -- a whole lot of spam happened between then and now. Also also -- it was my first AND last name! What was I thinking? I wasn't, obvs.

So, goodbye, cool original gmail address. It was a good run (almost 10 years)!

Also -- if you start getting e-mail bounces from me -- it serves you right for not updating your contacts. I've had the new address for almost three years now! :-P

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