Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Cravings

It's very obvious that the United States' commercialism machine has been grinding away for months trying to get us into the Christmas-spending mood. But what's happened to meeee...is that I want to eat Christmas food. Dessert food, mainly. So, I thought I would make up a little list of what I really...really...want to eat. Like, now. But I can't, so maybe writing all down will be therapeutic!

  1. Sausage & cheese balls
  2. Aunt Jan's chocolate fudge
  3. Aunt Marylin's peanut butter fudge
  4. Mom's chocolate cream pie
  5. REAL egg nog -- the kind you have to eat with a spoon, and spike!
  6. Wassail
Just a bit about this chocolate cream pie: It is not a chocolate silk pie, or a chocolate chiffon pie. There is a beaaautiful meringue on top, which is perfectly toasted and never shrinks away from the sides. I didn't link to a recipe for it, because I couldn't find one online for this pie. Last year, I had mom copy her version and send it to me. Then for Christmas, I got my very own copy of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook, so now I've got the recipe officially.

I didn't link to a recipe for the chocolate fudge b/c I have no idea how Aunt Jan makes her fudge. Everything else in the list is guaranteed legit. ;)

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