Friday, June 15, 2012

Natrually Cleaning Random Things: Glass Bottles and Bathtubs

A couple of tips for you OCD cleaners!

Number one: Glass bottles with small mouths

I do not throw things away if I think they'll be useful later. No, I'm not hoarding! We've got this great glass jar (once a Promised Land milk jar) that we use for all kinds of juices, syrups, etc.

The last thing we used it for was a juice blend that included beet juice. It was apparently just fibrous enough to stick to the sides of the jar, and when we didn't drink it all right away, it really stuck to the sides of the bottle. It wasn't an obvious mess, but on close inspection, it wasn't very appetizing.

I tried several things over the span of a week or so, but nothing would get it clean.

Since Chris has gotten so into photograph and blogging, he's started making drinks and taking pictures of the ingredients (Exhibit A). Yesterday he wanted to use the jar, but it wasn't pretty enough for He asked me if we had any brushes that fit, and I assured him that no, if we had, I would have already cleaned it. I went into the kitchen to find him trying to scrub it out with a tea towel and a chop stick.

Now, this may be a well-known thing that I had just not yet heard about, but I think I'm kind of a genius for thinking it up. Here's what got it sparkly-clean:
  • roughly crushed ice cubes
  • coarse salt (a T or two)
  • baking soda (maybe a T)
Shake [shake shake!!] in the bottle for a minute or two, and tada!

Would it have worked with just ice, or just ice and one of the other things? I donno. But it's clean now, so I have nothing to experiment on. If you try it out, or know of something else, leave me a comment!

Number two: Gross bathtubs

Our master bathtub is probably as old as our house (so, 30+ years old), and the shiny protective coat is long gone. It will cost around $400 to refinish it, and wouldn't say I love that tub (or anything about our tiny tiny bathroom), so there's no way that's happening. It has accumulated 100's of scratches, which accumulate grime that I can not scrub off. I have tried a few things, and then I read somewhere to try Barkeeper's Friend. I had just used it to clean the little sink in our wet bar (so shiny now!). I sprinkled a fair amount all over the tub, spritzed it down with water to make it more "paste-like," waited ten minutes, and scrubbed with a brush. Voila! A sparkling (ok, eggshell) white tub! I have also read that you should be careful what you use this stuff on since it's an acidic product and may ruin finishes. Not my concern.

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