Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stop the Clot 5K 2012

Today's Stop the Clot 5K was a success! On top of raising $325 for the National Blood Clot Alliance, four awesome friends joined Chris and me for this year's 5K.

It was chilly when we got there, but about the time the race started the sun made its presence known. It stayed intense for the next 45 minutes or so -- plenty of time for all of us to have finished our race. Then, it hid behind the clouds again, making it chilly if you were floating in the lazy river. Maybe the  frozen margaritas contributed.

The organizer said that, this being the second year for this 5k, they were up from 180 to 260 participants. Next year she's shooting for 500!

Thanks to my amazing friends for driving all the way out to The Reserve to participate and also of course to those of you who donated. It means a lot, and it made my day.

Here's to next year! And here are the pictures.


  1. Hello! I participated in the race too and I was just wondering where you found the pictures. I never received an e-mail with the link. Thanks!

  2. Caitlin - These are actually all my husband's pictures.