Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My First Fundraising Race

I've got a few friends who have gotten really into the whole fund-raising-while-training-for-something-killer scene. A 5k is far from killer, I know, but I'll never make it to an iron-man, I also know. However, this 5k can get me started with the issue that's very important to me and that I've always promised I'll get more involved in: DVT, or "blood clot," and May-Thurner Syndome awareness.

Primarily, I want to get the word out about MTS since it seems to be relatively unknown; but you can't talk about MTS without talking about the dangers of DVT.

I recently met an awesome lady named Karen. I met her because she organized this 5k in Austin and I offered to help. I didn't know last year when I saw the flyer that she and her husband had single-handedly (ok, double-handedly?) organized this thing in a few short months. Last year I was out of town, but this (its second) year, I've signed up to participate and help where I can.

Since this event is a fund-raising one, I am obviously trying to raise some funds. Specifically, for the National Blood Clot Alliance.

What I'm asking is for a) you to come do this race on May 20th and/or b) you to help me reach my goal of $500. There's also c) volunteer during the race. I forget about c) because I'm totally running this thing! Contact me or Karen (info on the Event tab of my page) to volunteer.

Again, here are those links.
My donation page:
The registration page:

Even if you don't donate to my page or sign up for the race with me, read up on DVTs and MTS. After all, my main goal is awareness.

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