Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three Brides

This Christmas, my two cousins and I fulfilled a fun request of my Aunt Jan's: That we all take pictures in our wedding dresses together. Why? Because we've always been "the girls" in the family. There were three of us to outnumber the one "boy," my brother Travis. Also because the three of us girls got married within a year of each other -- me: September 2010; Rebecca: January 2011; and Elizabeth: May 2011.

We tried doing it sooner than later, but Elizabeth has a hectic work schedule that gets worse around the holidays, so we squeaked in these pictures because we had a spare few minutes on Christmas between stuffing ourselves and opening presents. We didn't do veils because Elizabeth and Rebecca had shared one, and we didn't do much in the way of hair and makeup, either.

Luckily, my aunt has a key to the church because she does the flowers. Chris agreed to be our photographer. We were in and out of the church in less than an hour.

We did surprise the new pastor, who I'd just met that morning after service. He eased quietly into the sanctuary and politely inquired as to what we were doing. Not at all phased, we explained the odd scenario. He remarked that he hadn't been sure if this was just a strange Christmas tradition that our family had. After he'd left we joked that we should have told him that in fact it was -- that every year we put on our dresses and prayed that God send us husbands.

So here's a taste of the silliness ...

and also a link to the rest of Chris's pictures:

Thanks, babe, for not only witnessing the crazy things we come up with but aiding one as well. ;)

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