Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Week of Shish Kebabs

It was only a few days ago that I learned how to spell shish kebab. This random post came about because Chris and I have gotten into a bit of a cooking funk. For a while we were keeping things new and exciting because we subscribed to Food Network Magazine. Lately, it seems to have gotten a bit a) repetitive and b) gimmicky (with at least five different cutesy kid-appropriate Halloween desserts this issue, plus one amazing-looking pumpkin cheesecake recipe from Emeril that we most definitely will be trying out).

So while looking through our little collection of booklet inserts that they include, we ran across an old 50 Kebabs booklet, and decided that we would make a few different kinds this week.  Initially, we thought three, but it's looking like they made so much that two will be plenty for the week (hence the mid-week post for the whole week's food).

Monday: Tri Tip, Squash, and Zucchini
This one was supposed to be with lamb, but Chris didn't see a lamb leg at HEB (not toooo surprised). We marinated the diced steak in olive oil, lemon juice, and oregano; tossed diced veggies in OO; skewered and done. The steak didn't marinate long enough (an hour) and turned out a bit chewy and under-seasoned. The next night, we sauteed up some onions in Hungarian paprika (more mellow) and more OO, and warmed up the leftovers in the skillet with the seasoned onions. An improvement, but still not that great.

Wednesday: Fajita Chicken
We didn't find any of the chicken kebab recipes too appetizing (except for the chicken Ceasar one, but it required store-bought Ceasar dressing, which we don't keep around and wouldn't use the rest of). This being the week of easy eating, we decided to throw together something else instead of just whipping up a small batch of Ceasar dressing. I found a recipe from Paula Dean that did not (shocker!!) include butter. It turned out awesooome (for quick shish kebabs).  We just used the marinade, diced a red and a green bell pepper & onion, tossed all the veggies along with some grape tomatoes in OO, and skewered. Grilled for 5 minutes (turning after 3), let rest in the warm grill for a few minutes, and perfection! I luh-uv grilled grape tomatoes. Recommended for some easy dinner goodness.

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