Friday, July 15, 2011

Strawberry Snow Cone


Last weekend Chris and I went to Canton for Austin Axl Rose's very first birthday party. Since it's Summer time, the legendary Bahama Mama snow cone stand was open for business. Mmm mmmm. I took Chris and was a little sad to see that their menu is practically half of what it used to be, but they still had my favorite -- Strawberry Margarita. I never eat snow cones any more because they just don't stack up to Bahama Mama's.  

Skip to now. My mom was in town this week for business, and before she left we stopped by Sun Harvest for some Flax seeds. We ended up wandering around the grocery store looking at everything, since Mom's normally confined to Wal-Mart and Brookshire's selections. We came home with a few more things than we went for, one of them being some really cheap and yummy strawberries. So, what did I decide to do with the ones left in the fridge today? Snow cones!

We've got a HawaiIce "snow" maker that we bought way back when we lived in Rochester. It makes really fine shaved ice and it was probably $30 at Target.

So, I threw those strawberries into the food processor with some sugar and a bit of water and whipped up a "syrup" of sorts.

It was a little thick, so I ended up having to stir it in.


A rough recipe:

1/4 pint of strawberries
1-2 T sugar
3-4 T water

Put all the ingredients into a small food processor and blend until very liquid, adding water accordingly.

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