Friday, May 27, 2011

Elizabeth & Eric's Wedding Weekend!

I'm on a blogging roll, so I've got time to say a little bit about Elizabeth & Eric's wedding! The rest of Chris's pictures are up on my Shutterfly Photoshare.

On March 21st, my cousin Elizabeth married her long-time sweetie, Eric. E&E! They met in college, and though I haven't gotten to spend much time with Eric, he seems like a great guy. I'm very happy for the both of them and was so glad to be there for such an important event. Elizabeth is doubly-lucky that her mom is also a florist, so the reception was beeeauuutiful! Her mom, my Aunt Jan, also did the flowers for our wedding, which is why they were so beeeaauutiful!

The wedding was in Longview, TX, which (I didn't realize) is very far from Austin. I caught a ride with Rebecca and Jacob (also newlyweds!), sister and brother-in-law of the groom, from Kileen to Canton, where I stayed the night with Pete and Danilee. I was hoping to catch Austin awake, but I just missed him! He's getting biiig! I had a chance to catch up a little with DL before she crashed, and she was still asleep when I woke up bright and early for the Team Wed rendezvous to Longview. We arrived at The Reserve in Longview, unpacked Aunt Jan's very organized tubs of photos & decorations, and buckets & buckets of flowers, the guys threw up tables in a flash, and we all began our long day of beautifying the venue.

By the end of the day, we were all a little delirious and tired, but finished in enough time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. We ate ate Tyler Street Bistro on -- wait for it -- Tyler street in downtown Longview. The place had a lot of local charm and the food was yummy, We Normans & Browns got to mix and mingle with the Rodriguez family. Eric's abuela had just moved to the US and she was aDORABLE. I have never seen a tinier, smiling-er, grandma.

The next day, I got up in time for a quick run on the treadmill, ate breakfast while Mom and Aunt Jan touched up some things at the reception venue, and waited for Chris to arrive from Plano where he'd been spending some much-needed time with his familia in Plano. It was over two hours from Plano to Longview, and Eva was hating the car but I hear she behaved. He picked me up and we moved to the La Quinta (thank you, pet-friendly hotel!) where everyone else was staying. Eva had a lot of fun sitting on top of everything new she could get to.

Aunt Jan had requested that Awesome-Photographer-Chris take some pictures of the venue before people got there, so we rushed over to get that taken care of. Chris spent almost an hour snapping photos with me, his light-switch assistant, while the cake decorator assembled the very cute cakes. The wedding cake was white with simple brown bows, one on each tier at the front corner. The groom's cake was a chocolate cooler with two coronas chilling in the top. Very creative and fun!

After we finished up, we rushed back, got dressed, and headed to the church. Elizabeth and Eric picked St. Mary's Catholic Church for their ceremony. When I got to the girls' rooms, the bridesmaids and the bride were playing hangman on a dry-erase board. Talk about calm and collected! I was there for a movie clue, which no one guessed: "Bridesmaids."

The happy couple tied the knot in a traditional Catholic ceremony followed by Mass. I think the priest forgot to say, "You may now kiss the bride," or this was one strict church, because that part didn't happen. Our pastor totally forgot that part at our wedding, and I didn't notice, but Chris was quick to remind him kindly that he'd left it out. Why all the hating on the post-wedding smooch, clergy? ;)

The reception lasted from 4:00 to 12:00!! There were five kegs for this shindig! It was a lot of fun and we all got to chat with family that we see only a few times a year. We had some fancy fajitas that were very good, followed by dancing, cake, and everything else that happens at a wedding. For the garter toss, all the groomsmen got down on one knee surrounding Elizabeth and sang, "You've lost that loving feeling," and it was great! They knew all the words, so they must have practiced, and they belted them out. Even the "dum, dum dum..." was done with much finesse.

Chris and I danced until my feet hurt, and I even got in a dance with my dad. Everyone had a great time, and I hope that it was everything Elizabeth dreamed of. She was, of course, a beautiful and beaming bride. I can't believe she's all grown up. I still remember feeling her kick before she was born, the Barney and Baby Bop mania that I had to endure when I babysat, and the summers we spent at the pool with Mimi (who we called Grandma before she came along) during which she took to the water like a fish.

So, happy beginnings to E&E! Take care of each other, and may you have many happy years of marriage!

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