Thursday, March 3, 2011

Squeegee Love!

This is most definitely a borderline-crazy housewife post, but I couldn't help myself. We have big windows everywhere, which I love, but they are such a pain to keep clean, which I try not to notice every day. But I do. I've picked up all types of tips over the years: Windex, a water hose, old newspaper instead of paper towels, etc. I saw this how-to (which is mostly great tips) on a blog for cleaning windows and my life was changed. The thing I'd never considered was a squeegee!

Most amazing squeegee with grippy handle

I went out and bought one and couldn't wait to clean clean clean when I got home from the gym! It is aaaawesome!! I did the tall windows:

Picture Windows

Patio Doors

Office Balcony Doors

The Three Balcony Doors

Since they're so big it's normally a real chore and they're rarely cleaned. It would take four or five exhausting scrubbings with cleaner and newspaper to get the outsides of windows moderately clean and they were never pretty. This Austin pollen really adheres to glass. Here's my no-sweat three-step method for window cleaning:

  • Dish soap
  • Non-streak glass-cleaner
  • Plasic squirt bottle (or just a saved spritzer that you can put into a plastic cup)
  • Newspaper
  • Squeegee (the wider the better)

1. Pre-Wash: For the extra-grimy outsides of the windows, spritz down the window with hot soapy water. You can use glass cleaner if you want, but I think it's a waste since you're not doing the last step of the clean yet. Wait a few seconds for it to soak in and then squeegee if off. In between strokes, fling or wipe all the water off of the squeegee so that you don't get a line when you start the next swipe down. That got off the grime you'd normally just be smearing around with the newspaper if you didn't have a fantastic squeegee.
2. Wash: For inside windows, this would be your first step. Repeat the process of spritzing down the window with the soapy water. This time, clean like you normally would. I recommend using old newspaper because it's so tough and absorbent. Just crumple it up and scrub away in circular motions. Wax on. Wax off. Channel your inner Karate Kid here.
3. Shine: Now that your window is mostly clean, it's time to get the gorgeous streak-free shine going. Wipe your squeegee clean with a bit of newspaper. Lightly spritz your window with a streak-free cleaner. I use eco-friendly cleaners and I like the Seventh Generation Glass and Surface cleaner. If you spray too much, it's going to dribble all over your window sills when you push it all down with the squeegee. At the end of each stroke, wipe your squeegee off with some newspaper to keep it clean and dry.

Viola! Cleeeean windows!!!


  1. Sundae can't wait to stop by and press her nose against your clean windows.

  2. Hehe. She's more than welcome! There's a row of tiny Eva noses on one.