Friday, March 18, 2011

Salt Storage

Chris has a thing for fancy salt. I'm not complaining. I loooove salt. I just don't know if I would have mushroom salt if left by myself. Being the uber-organizing crazy woman that I am, I got sick of all the little plastic baggies in our spice cabinet. I figured there was some solution for my problem tailored to crazy people like me, but really there's not. I found some French salt jars made of marble with two compartments and hinge-slide lids, but I don't want 10 $30 marble jars that don't stack in my cupboard. So -- I set out to find an alternative. One fellow-blogger put her salt into a "days of the week"-style pill box. As much as I love pill boxes, that's just not elegant. So I looked online and found bead jars. We ordered some that turned out to be way too small, so I went Michael's and voila! Big ones! I'm so proud of my ingenuity.

They have very tightly closing screw-on lids. Each cylinder is the lid for the on under it, so they won't topple over and Chris has to keep them stacked! Perfect.

(And no, I did not organize them from dark to light intentionally...but maybe my OCD subconscious did. Scary huh?)

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