Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paint it Black

Short blog post today. We have reservations at Hudson's on the Bend tonight so I'm knocking this out while Chris naps.

We didn't like the "stain" on our back door. It showed dirt easily and didn't flow with our decor. I don't think it had really been stained anyway. It had been treated or something, but a stained wood should look nicer. Anyway -- it needed a little something, so we stained it black using a polyurethane stain. It took us almost a week to finish because you have to let the first coat dry for a while, sand it down a bit, and then do the second coat. We started it on a Sunday and finished the second coat on Thursday night. On Friday we took all the tape off and there were a few spots to touch up but for the most part it's done. We like it!

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