Thursday, February 10, 2011

Such a Pill [Box]!

The time has come again for Zyrtec, and with it comes a reminder that I take a lot of pills! I filled up my trusty pill box today and I felt like I should share how fabulous this guy is. I know. It's an old person post. Pills? Pills. I sound almost like a druggie. "Gloooorious pills!" I began to wonder what life would be like if I didn't have these little gems in this precious box. I'm not taking any anti-anxiety meds, pain killers, muscle relaxers, or anything of the sort. A few of these, I take merely in order to perform the basic functions in life: staying awake (iron), not being miserable while awake (iron + zyrtec), and falling asleep (melatonin). The rest are actually a long story. BUT...

...back to the original purpose of this post: my pill box. It's green (surprised, anyone?), has four (yes, FOUR) compartments, and it looks cool! (Humor me.) Since I have the worst memory of anyone I know, I NEED some way to know if I've taken my meds. I cannot trust myself to remember what I took when. If I skip a Zyrtec between now and October, I might as well not wake up the next day. Am I old or what? What would people do without inventions like the seven-day four-compartment pill box? This may be a little early for some of you to think about, but as we're entering into our 30's (yipes!) it might be something you all need to start considering! No? 40's? I think I may be a few decades ahead of everyone I know (sadly, not in a cool way), but soon my friends...soon. ;)

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