Thursday, November 11, 2010

Office Project

We were sharing one desk that we'd put in the middle of the room and at chair on either side of. That got to be too cramped as we now work primarily from home, so I put together a small plan for some new desks and a printer cabinet that would free up space. The office was the last green room in the house, too. Woohoo!

Two weekends ago we went to Houston for a quick trip to Ikea. We got to see Mandeep while we were there too, so that was a bonus! Yes, there is an Ikea much closer to us in Round Rock, but they didn't have all the pieces we needed.

The project was supposed to consist of:
1) Painting the room Moonglow (white)
2) Building the new desks
3) Hanging two simple West Elm shelves

Instead, it turned out to be a monster.

The closet in the office was also green on the inside, so we dismantled it and moved all of our files, gadgets, pens, paper, Transformers (uh huh), etc. out of the closet. We taped it all off and started painting around lunch, ate leftovers for lunch around 3, and then finished off the second coat of primer by 9:oo PM. We took a break for dinner and went downtown to 24 Diner and then ended up going out with Matt, Eric, and Iris. We went to Cork & Co., which I really liked, then came home around midnight and put on a coat of moonglow.

The next morning we were going to put the office back together but I decided that it needed another coat, so Chris obliged me. We got all the tape off around lunch and started on the desk assembly. The printer stand took an hour probably, followed by the other three desks.

Then of course, came hooking up the electronics, which was a huge mess. It took me an hour or two, and then we realized that our Internet wasn't working...because our router was dead. It had been acting strange and picked that day to die.

We got all this stuff so that we could hide our cables and have more room. We came up with a genius idea of raising the adjustable legs a bit and putting a little invention (made of 4 felt pads each sandwiched between two rubber desk feet) along the printer stand and where the desks rest. The effect is a cool "floating" desk and also our cables run under the table instead of over it!

The next task were the shelves. The drywall anchors that were included in the kit were no good, so the shelves would not hang level. Chris messed with that while I tried everything I could think of to get the router back. Both endeavors were complete failures.

On Monday we had to go in to work since we had no Internet, which was probably a good thing with the fumes we had inhaled for two days. Chris bought a new router and some awesome drywall anchors, and by the end of the night we had an office with functioning Internets and shelves. We started the task of moving everything back into the closet, and after a huge night of organization on Tuesday, finished it up.


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