Thursday, August 26, 2010

Booby Traps

Now to what got me started on this blogscapade. I went to the bathroom for a Kleenex and noticed that Chris had replaced the empty toilet paper roll with the one I had left by the sink. I felt a small sense of accomplishment and relief that he had passed my test.

I once had a conversation once with a group of friends about how we hate to nag our SOs all the time, so we'll silently watch to see how long it takes them to say, put a plate into the dishwasher, or, notice that the food they put uncovered in the fridge has been growing mold for [x#] days. Or how long the Roomba can go dead, unnoticed before he puts it up (which seems to be infinity).

So I realized that I've booby trapped everything in our house. Even the toilet paper. Then I felt a bit guilty, but not really. But I did think it would be fun to share my crazy. That's what this blog will inevitably be all about.

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