Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My New Favorite (Shake)

Hope you got that Elf reference!

A few weeks ago Chris and I wanted a filling shake and had some figs we'd planned to use for something else, but ended up not -- so into the shake they went, with a scoop of peanut butter and some wheat germ. IT WAS GOOD. Since then, I've been craving figgy shakes. I came home from the gym today and wanted one, but alas! No figs in sight. But wait! We keep Bearded Bros bars on hand, and their base is figs. Perfect. They're super calorie-dense, so I used half of a Mighty Maca Chocolate bar. That one's got almonds and cashews, too, which added another texture that I liked.

1/2 Bearded Brothers bar
3/4 - 1 c milk (I didn't exactly measure)
1 c ice
1 (generous) T peanut butter

Blend blend blend until it's smooth. You could of course also add a banana or yogurt for a more creamy "smoothie" texture.

I inhaled it,  so I don't have a picture. Oops!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Name That First World Problem

Right now I'm experiencing some serious first-world dilemmas. See how many you can find in the description of my current situation.

I'm trying not to drink the prosecco cocktail that's sitting here staring me in the face, because I haven't had any food in a while (since those almonds I snacked on this afternoon) and the first few sips went right to my head. Hubs had to go to the store (for the second time today. Oops!) to get a non-awful avocado for the portabello burgers (that we're eating because we, as a couple and a society, eat too much meat). The avocado we just cut open was bad, and I just can't bare to an avocado-less (marinated, grilled) mushroom on a ciabatta roll.

Rough, right?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Bad Purse Choices -- Worse Than I Thought!

Clockwise, from top left: Steve Madden (Macy's), Aldo, Zara, H&M

I was always a "no frills" kinda girl and didn't own a purse until college (unless you count the ones my mom bought to match my Easter outfits as a baby). I've started caring a bit more, but at the same time, a "bag" is not at all on the top of my priority list. Plus, I know if I bought a nice one I would worry about setting it on the ground, or spilling on it, or whatever one worries about with nice things. I'm too practical for a nice purse. Yah, that's the adjective I choose. Practical.

As a result, my motto has always been, "Nothing over $50." The one exception I made was at the Renegade Craft fair a year ago. I bought a cute orange and canvas hand-woven bag that was made in Ecuador by a company called Suspiro. It was close to $75. I justified this cost in that it went to real people, not a giant corporation. And they're an eco-friendly company. Actually, check them out: Cuteness.

But that bag is orange, and it's winter now (is it ever!), so I dragged down a more muted grey Steve Madden purse (that I'd gotten on super sale for $40!) from the top of the closet. I threw my stuff into it, and a few days later, noticed that some of the pleather coating was peeling off. Ugh. Then, days later, it had gotten so bad that it's just embarrassing to carry the thing around. It's even too bad to donate. 

To the closet I went to see what else I had stashed up there. I was saddened to find that every "bargain" purse I'd bought was no longer usable. All they'd been doing was sitting on the top shelf of our closet. Whether it's the weird fake leather coating coming off, or fraying handles, they're all embarrassing to be seen carrying.

So what's a girl to do?

My answer so far is to seek out eco-friendly or charitable purse types. I've only been able to find two: Purse & Clutch, and Suspiro (mentioned above). I'm pretty bummed about this. Even just a small, hand-made (but not $800 leather bags) company would be awesome.

I just can't stand to throw away $50 on something that I'll only use for a few months -- and was most likely made by people in a building that later collapsed. I need to shop responsibly (and on a budget), but it's difficult! If you've got any favs, send them along!